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Cleaning, Conditioning, and Protector Coating

We know it's often hard to identify the type of Leather you have and what products are best to maintain it. That is where we can help you to properly bring back the luster in your Leather and preserve your investment to last a lifetime.  All Leather requires moisture to protect the life span, which is an ongoing need to protect your investment. Along with pH balanced cleaning, adding moisture we also provide a protective coating that will hold up to daily use. It is much more cost effective to maintain your leather to last a lifetime before it gets severely worn and in need of a restoration type service, which we can also provide. We offer options that may be available to help give you the most cost effective solutions. 

​Restoration & Color Matching

We offer custom color matching to restore your Leather units to its original color rendering and even some slight color changes if desired. Often it requires multiple colors and types of color applications to achieve the beauty and depth that Leather is meant to have. These are unique skills that we will explain our entire process during your free evaluation that is unique to your project. Often your leather units may seem past restoration, yet as shown in our gallery of projects, we can deal with almost all types of problems.  We make sure to correct the problems and service the leather before color restoration to protect the longevity of lasting a lifetime.

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Types of services

Premium Leather Care

At Premium leather care, we are dedicated to to providing the best results for our clients.

With more then 10 years experience we take pride in helping to provide options to clients that best meet their needs. We offer free on site evaluations to help educate clients, so call today to learn more on how we can protect your investment in luxury. 

clients we serve:

  • Residential
  • Hotels
  • Resturants
  • Community Centers
  • Golf Resorts
  • Local Businesses
  • Other various commercial accounts